Adding and managing workflows

Before you proceed, please read the previous article, Chatbot overview, if you haven't already.

As mentioned in the previous article, Workflow is a graphical representation of the steps and actions the chatbot will take when your customer asks a question, using Nodes and Connections.

When you start working with Workflow, you'll understand what Nodes and Connections are in the upcoming sections.

Adding Workflow

  1. Navigate to the Settings -> Chatbot settings -> Workflows page.

  2. Click on the Add new workflow button on the top right corner. This will open a new Workflow, titled Untitled workflow, in the Workflow Builder.

Opening a new Workflow in Workflow Builder
  1. Now, you'll see the Starting Node of the new workflow with the text Your workflow starts here! in the center of the screen.

  2. Click on the Edit workflow button to modify the Workflow.

  3. Click on the Add new node button and select your desired Node. Please read the article on Node types to understand what different Nodes do.

  4. To connect the Starting Node to the newly added Node, click and drag from the small white circle on the right side of the Starting Node, called the Handle, to the Handle on the left side of the newly added Node; this link between the Nodes is called a Connection.

    Adding a new Node and making a Connection
    1. Click the Save changes button on the top right corner of the screen to save the Workflow.

View/modify existing Workflow

Note: We don't recommend modifying the Active Workflow. It's advisable to alter a clone of the Workflow and set it as the Active Workflow once you've finished the modifications. Please refer to the later section on cloning to learn more.

Once you've added a Workflow, it will appear on the Settings -> Chatbot settings -> Workflows page.

  1. To view or modify a Workflow, click the name of the Workflow, which is colored in blue. This will open the Workflow in the Workflow Builder.

Workflows page

  1. Click the Edit workflow button on the top right corner of Workflow Builder, next to the Save changes button.

  2. Make your required changes and click the Save changes button to make the changes permanent.

View/modify existing Workflow

Setting Active Workflow

Note: You need to enable the chatbot for the chatbot to handle customer support questions. Merely setting the Active Workflow won't allow the chatbot to reply to customer support queries. Please refer to the Chatbot overview to learn more about enabling the chatbot.

As mentioned in the Chatbot overview article, there's only one Active Workflow, which is the Workflow that will be used by the chatbot to make decisions when a customer asks a question. The rest of the Workflow is on standby.

You can set the Active Workflow from two different places.

  1. From the Workflows page available at Settings -> Chatbot settings -> Workflows.

  2. From within the Workflow Builder of an open Workflow.

  1. From the Workflows page: You can set the Active Workflow by selecting your desired Workflow from the dropdown left to the Save changes button and clicking the Save changes button to make the change permanent.

    Select Active Workflow
  2. From Workflow Builder: Click the Set as active workflow button on the top right of the Workflow Builder, to the left of the Edit workflow button.

    Set as Active Workflow

Rename/Clone/Delete Workflow

  1. Open your desired Workflow in the Workflow Builder from the Settings -> Chatbot settings -> Workflows page.

  2. Click on the horizontal three-dot button at the top left side of the screen, to the right of the Workflow's name. This will open a dropdown menu.

  3. Click the appropriate button from the dropdown menu. If you need to rename, you can also do so by clicking the name of the open Workflow in the Workflow Builder.

    Cloning Workflow