Workload Management

Workload management enables organizations to provide teammates with a balanced workload by distributing conversations evenly. neetoChat provides two different automated algorithms for workload management:


  • Conversations are assigned to the active agents sequentially in a cyclic manner.

    active agents are the agents who have set their status to Active on chat


  • Conversations are assigned to active agents with the least open conversations.

  • In the balanced algorithm, teams have a maximum conversation assignment limit per agent.

  • If all the agents have reached the maximum assignment limit set for the team, new conversations are pushed in a queue unassigned, until an agent is free to be assigned by the algorithm.

Important note:
Workload management comes into action if and only if a team has already been assigned to a conversation. To automatically assign conversations to a particular team, admins can create an Automation Rule that has Assign Team as an action based on certain conditions.

To know more about Automation Rules, please refer article.

To configure the team's workload management algorithm, navigate to Team settings, and set the required algorithm for workload management.