Chatbot overview

What is this chatbot? You may think of the chatbot as an imaginary person named neetoBot, ready to handle your customer support queries via the neetoChat widget. Unlike a real human being, the chatbot can't do everything a human can; it can handle only the situations programmed to do.

There are two significant steps to fully set up the chatbot.

  1. Programming chatbot

  2. Enabling chatbot

1. Programming chatbot

You can program the chatbot using a Workflow, a graphical representation of the steps and actions that the chatbot will take when posed with a question. It will look like the following image once you've built it; made up of Nodes and Connections.


You can create a new Workflow by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Chatbot settings -> Workflows page.

  2. Click the Add new workflow button on the top right corner of the page. This will open a new empty Workflow in the Workflow Builder, titled Untitled workflow.

Add new workflow
Workflow Builder

Since this is just an overview article, we won't be delving into how to create a full-fledged Workflow. Please refer to the Adding and managing workflows article to learn about working with Workflow.

By building a Workflow, you are essentially writing a graphical program for the chatbot.

Even though you can create multiple Workflows, only one will be used by the chatbot, the Active Workflow. The rest of the Workflow will be on standby.

2. Enabling chatbot

Note: Before you proceed, you must have at least one Workflow. Take some time to check out the article on Adding and managing workflows to learn more about working with Workflow.

As mentioned in the previous section, the chatbot uses one and only one Workflow to make decisions. We also instruct the chatbot to use a specific Workflow by setting our desired Workflow as the Active Workflow.

Follow the steps to set the Active Workflow and enable the chatbot.

  1. Navigate to the Settings -> Chatbot settings -> Workflows page.

  2. Select a Workflow as the Active Workflow from the dropdown to the left of the Save Changes button.

  3. Toggle the Enable chatbot? switch to the enabled state.

  4. Click the Save changes button to make the changes permanent.

Steps to activate the chatbot

This will enable the chatbot in the neetoChat widget embedded on your website. Our chatbot will take care of your customer support queries.

Chatbot in action

Check out the rest of the articles under this Chatbot Settings category to learn more about the chatbot's abilities.