What is IP Restriction and how enable it

IP restriction feature of  allows you to restrict access to neetoChat website based on the IP addresses of the agents. This means you can allow only certain IP addresses or ranges to access the neetoChat webiste, making it more secure and limiting access to only authorized users.

Here's the way to enable IP restriction :

  1. Click on settings the icon in the side pane, the general settings page will be displayed.

  1. Click on IP restriction , you will be directed to IP restriction  main page.

  2. Click on Enable IP restriction toggle button to enable it, your current IP address will appear.

  3. You can add multiple IP addresses by clicking on Allowed IP range .

  4. Ensure that your current IP address is present as an allowed IP range. In order to do this, simply add your current IP address as the IP start and IP end.

  5. In this way, you can enable IP restriction feature in neetoChat.