Installation using JavaScript snippet

You can add neetoChat on any page of your website/application that you’d like. You can install the neetoChat widget on your websites by copy-pasting the JavaScript snippet. Please follow the steps below to set up neetoChat on your website using a JavaScript snippet.

  1. Click on Settings from the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Click on Widget Settings.

  3. Click on Installation card.

  4. Copy the installation script and paste it into your website. 

  5. Save and refresh your website.

  6. You would be able to see the neetoChat widget on the site.

If you cannot view the widget, please check if the widget is in a hidden/invisible state. For more information regarding widget hidden states and global objects, please refer to Using JavaScript global object to control the neetoChat widget.

If you run into any issue in installing the neetoChat widget then please contact us.