Notify agents after the wait time

This setting enables the agents to receive email notifications regarding all the unread conversation messages.

The setting can be turned on/off by clicking on the switch next to Enable visitor notification for unread messages in Outbound Notification settings. If the setting is turned on, then the user shall be able to modify the notification wait time by clicking on the dropdown below Notifications Wait Time and choosing an appropriate time. After the specified wait time, all the unread messages of the conversations will be forwarded to assigned agents.

In case if no agent is assigned to a conversation, then unread messages will be forwarded to all the agents who are available for chat and who have not turned off their email notifications. For instance, if the wait time is 10 minutes and there are 4 conversations having unread messages, then an email notification will be received after 10 minutes of the first unread message received that will also include new messages those are posted within that 10 minutes.

If all the messages including newly received messages are read by the end of this 10 minutes time period then no email notification will be sent to the agent(s).